What happens when the world's greatest basketball player meets the world's greatest hockey player? In one word .... awwwwk-ward.

LeBron James had an audience with Alexander Ovechkin the other night after the Cavs played the Wizards in Washington. Fortunately, someone was there with a video camera to capture this insane "worlds collide" moment. I'm guessing Alex requested the meeting himself since he wanted to present LeBron with his own Capitals jersey (bearing Ovechkin's name?), but of course, LeBron had no gifts of his own. Maybe he could have offered him a piece of that gum he was so interested in.

The best part is when LeBron fully admits that he's never even been to a hockey game, but he "heard that it's awesome." To be fair, Cleveland isn't really a hockey town. Plus, those tickets are expensive! Maybe next year, Big O!

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