LeBron Manages To Accidentally Torment Knicks Fans During Dwyane Wade's Farewell

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LeBron James shared an NBA court for the last time with longtime buddy and former teammate Dwyane Wade last night. It was a fun and festive game that ended with Wade throwing up a crazy potential game-tying three and then hugging James right as the buzzer sounded. It also, briefly, left Knicks fans searching their homes for poisonous substances.

After the game, while James and Wade chatted at mid-court, the following exchange was broadcast on TV:


The Garden? As in... Madison Square Garden? As in... LeBron James was actually thinking about signing with the Knicks?? It can’t be true, can it?


A world in which the greatest player in NBA history chose not to play for the New York Knicks because sour old basketball grandpa Phil Jackson was rude to sour old basketball-chucker Carmelo Anthony is a world that few Knicks fans could go on existing in. Thankfully, it appears that we don’t actually live in such a reality:

So calm down, Knicks fans. Now you can go back to enjoying your time spent rooting for the team to lose as many games as possible so that they can draft Zion Williamson, who will somehow end up a Boston Celtics legend.