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LeBron May Be The Smoothest Man Alive

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I couldn't hear the commercial real well, and I'm not quite sure what was going on. Some kid was dreaming about bread, and there was butter involved, I don't know. It doesn't even matter. LeBron James is the smoothest man alive.

LeBron appears as four different characters in the commercial. There's the actual LeBron, Old Man LeBron, who's 1/3rd LeBron, 1/3rd Redd Foxx, and 1/3rd Grandfather from Boondocks, Young LeBron, who's just a miniaturized version of LeBron, and then there's Smooth LeBron, who's got a midsize afro and big aviator sunglasses. This is a look that LeBron needs to adopt permanently.


LeBron could be stabbed in the face, have a couple of q-tips sticking out of his ears, vomit all over himself, and have his pants around his ankles, and he will still look smooth. He's just that kind of guy. LeBron and I are at the opposite ends of the smooth spectrum.

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