LeBron Wanted To Kill Mario Chalmers Again

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I get it. Sometimes we all want to yell at Mario Chalmers. He's the annoying little brother who means well, but doesn't think and often makes things worse. He's eminently shoveable. Little kids practice endless jumpers in their driveways, dreaming that someday they'll make the NBA and be able to push Chalmers around a bit.

The Heat were down double-digits in the third quarter of a crucial (as crucial as a basketball game in December can be, anyway) match-up against the Pacers, and a defensive lapse gave Paul George an open three. It was apparently Chalmers's fault, because at the next stoppage, LeBron James snapped, bolted out of his seat, and had to be pulled away from Chalmers.

It's not an uncommon sight—James is a coach on the floor, and Chalmers at times is in desperate need of coaching. And whatever the dynamic in the locker room, it's one where James feels comfortable yelling at Chalmers, and Chalmers doesn't mind being yelled at. A few minutes later, cameras captured James apologizing to his teammate:

James apologized again at the podium after the game—a comeback 97-94 win for Miami to move them one game back of Indiana for home-court advantage in their inevitable conference final showdown—saying, "I was wrong, I told him that and we moved forward." Then the two continued to hug it out on Twitter:


Heartwarming. Or maybe an abusive relationship. One of the two!