LeBron, You Okay, Bud?

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LeBron James might be going through some shit right now.

After spending two straight off-days in Miami working out with his old buddy Dwyane Wade, LeBron returned to Cleveland today to participate in a team practice. By that time, the reunion with Wade had metastasized into a fairly stupid mini-controversy, and he brushed off reporters’ questions about it:

Then it was time to talk subtweets. On Tuesday, James sent out two cryptic tweets that fans of basketball and DRAMA could have easily interpreted as a shot at one of his teammates:


Hmmmmm. Who you subtweetin’, my man?

Fine. LeBron didn’t want to talk tweets, but he did have some thoughts to share about what exactly the Cavs are still missing:


This is sort of a weird thing to get hung up on. I suppose you could say that Udonis Haslem and Chris Andersen were enforcers on those Miami Heat championship teams, but I really don’t think either one of those guys mean-mugging a few opponents is what swung that series against the Spurs.

What the Cavs, as well as the rest of the NBA, are actually lacking is the slightest chance at stopping the Warriors from repeating as champions. That reality is probably becoming clearer to LeBron every day, but that’s not really something he can admit. So you’ll have to forgive him if he instead sends some weird tweets and grouses about not having a goon.


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