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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

If you read this Dave McMenamin story about LeBron James reflecting upon his life and career on his 33rd birthday, which is today, first of all you will learn that LeBron has lost his last six games in Utah. Far stranger than that bit of trivia, you will come across a link that will direct you to this video, which is indeed very odd, and perhaps troubling:


Paparazzi tabloid assertions notwithstanding, stars are not precisely like us, at least in this one bizarre and fascinating way: folks will not be celebrating my birthday in Shanghai next month, in my absence, with a deeply sentimental light show set to Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” I’ll be lucky if I get some dang cake and ice cream in my own home.

I highly recommend reading the full story, for long, often nostalgic quotes from LeBron about topics as diverse as which birthday is the best, how old he was when he stopped wearing diapers, and how it feels to have your birthday celebrated in such tender, psychedelic fashion by complete strangers in a foreign country on the far side of the globe. What a strange thing.

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