LeBron's Putting On A Dunk Show Again

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Every year it's the same thing. Right around the all-star break, LeBron James throws down a few dunks in practice, waits for the video to get out, and basks in all the "Why won't LeBron do the dunk contest?" chatter.

LeBron threw down at least three dunks after practice in Phoenix today, via this video from Sports360AZ. The first is super-impressive: He hurls the ball a long way off a column—not the back wall, but a column—and takes off 15 nine feet from the rim. The second and third have a lower degree of difficulty, but part of the wow factor is how easy he makes them look. That's what happens when you're 6'8" and among the most athletic people on the planet.


Still, we've got six awesome dunkers this year. LeBron: Either dunk or get off the pot.