LeBronWatch: LeBron Despises The City Of Houston, Will Never Play There

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We’re still weeks away from LeBron James being able to make an official decision about where he will play basketball next season, but the developments are coming fast and furious. Just yesterday, NBA legend Gary Payton, surely an unassailable source of knowledge when it comes to LeBronology, revealed that LeBron’s child has enrolled in school in Los Angeles, a sure sign that LeBron is headed to the Lakers. Thanks to Akron Beacon Journal columnist Marla Ridenour, another piece of the puzzle has snapped into place.

Ridenour called into an ESPN radio show and dropped this bombshell: LeBron hates Houston! Here’s what she had to say (go to the 36:00 mark here to listen):

I heard this from [LeBron’s] lips when we were in Houston this season: he does not like Houston as a city.


So there you have it. LeBron will never be a Rocket. Stay tuned for more LeBronWatch developments.