• The long-suffering Cubs fans at The Heckler record a new unofficial anthem for Cubs fans. It is entitled, obviousy, "There'll Always Be Next Year." I think you'll enjoy it. [The Heckler]

• A campaign to stuff MLB's All-Star ballot box, to show them just how ridiculous it is to trust fans to make roster decisions when there's actually something on the line. I like this idea. [Unrestricted View]

• You know how local sports stations have those promotions where you can win some money if someone hits a grand slam or a home run in a particular inning? Well, an 84-year-old woman in Texas won $25,100 last night when Rod Barajas hit a grand slam for the Rangers. And an extra $100 was thrown-in when Ian Kinsler hit a solo shot immediately afterwards. She should bake Barajas a peach cobbler or something. [Dallas News]

• A list of 7 of the more underrated individual performances in baseball history. Not to spoil it for you, but #2 is umpire Eric Gregg. [Joe Sports Fan]

• And finally, this chart really helped me bone up on my NHL knowledge for the Eastern Conference Finals. It's almost artistic with its symmetry. Great work, [CBS Sportsline]

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