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• An in-depth rundown of the American World Cup roster, including superhero comparisons for many of our players. Landon Donovan is Spiderman, sometimes saving the world, and sometimes "an annoying nerd." [That's On Point]

• Ah, the 30-year anniversary of the profanity-filled rant by Tommy Lasorda on Dave Kingman's performance. I don't think there's anyone in the world I'd rather scream profanity at me than Tommy Lasorda. [The Everyday Joe]


• Hey, Here's a running diary of last night's Cubs/Cardinals game. [Sportszilla]

• Iowa QB Drew Tate had a hole-in-one recently at some golf tournament. The prize for said feat was to be $25,000 towards a new Dodge. Sadly, there are NCAA rules that prevent that sort of thing. I wonder if he considered just quitting. [Wizard of Odds]

• Remember that Pitt kicker we mentioned a little while ago, the guy who was having a pretty tough go of it? Well, it's not getting any better. He needs open-heart surgery. I'm sorry, man. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

• Here's a theory on the true identify of the guy in those ESPN Mobile commercials: It's really Will Leitch. If that is his real name. [1000 Takes]

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