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Leftovers: Extended Edition...

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• An amusing tale of a man and the stench eminating from his hockey bag. [Airing of Grievances]

• The NCAA is considering going international. And to what exotic locale might your favorite university soon be traveling? British Columbia. Ooooh. [Double-A Zone]


• Condoleeza Rice called a top-secret meeting among the four commissioners of the major sports. She wanted to address the issue of marketing and promoting our sports abroad, something all leagues have already been pretty proactive with. Perhaps they have another meeting scheduled soon about the infield fly rule and Adam Morrison's crying. [Newsday]

• The World Cup Website, as it turns out, is kind of awesome. [I Dislike Your Favorite Team]

• This is fairly amusing. A Seattle radio show has on a writer from the Pittsburgh area. The Super Bowl and Mike Holmgren's sissy act come up in conversation. The Pittsburgh guy, at about the 6:15 mark, calls the Seattle guy a... well, kind of a Kwame Brown, and the Seattle guy hangs up on him. [Softy Central]

• Amusing video of a kid in a Chelsea uniform teasing a Liverpool player. He pulls out the old "PSYCHE!" move. Those cheeky Brits. [Google Video]


• It's Ronaldinho. It's Zidane. It's a sick five-minute highlight reel. [YouTube]

• The UConn Huskies and their neverending parade of plummeting NBA draft stock. [High and Inside]


• Hey, people of Toronto. Portugal or Brazil, you have to pick one. [Mircobano]

• Okay, this is kind of awesome, even if I'm not smart enough to understand. A guy has combined baseball with sudoko, and it actually requires some baseball knowledge and a box score. [Puzzlinks]

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