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• We're thinking Kris Benson's last couple weeks in New York had to be one of the most emasculating experiences in history. First it was sticking up for his crazy wife, then addressing the trade rumors dressed as Santa and, finally, posing for the cover of New York Tails, a pet magazine for the people of New York. If you look close enough, you can see one of the puppies using his penis as a chew toy.[New York Tails]
• At least we now know what Pittsburgh Steelers safety Tyrone Carter's brother's answer to "What would you do to spend Super Bowl XL on the 50-yard line and party with Snoop Dogg all weekend?" would be: spend five years in prison. [ESPN]
• Terrell Owens' Moorestown, N.J. home is up for sale. The perfect $4.2 million palace for those of you who love doing crunches on the driveway. [40LandingCourt]