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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Leftovers: Nationals Are Kicking Out The Gays

• As if they hadn't had enough problems with the upcoming Washington baseball stadium, now it looks like it's going to shut down all the gay bars. [Gridskipper]
• Yep: This is exactly what everyone was like in our fantasy draft. For the record, we're "the Ken Griffey Jr. guy." [Cracked]
• Check out Reggie Bush's first NFL car. [Jalopnik]
• Some crazy conservative poet thinks the Devil Rays are going to win the World Series, and he's not kidding. [Rays Index]
• The Philadelphia Eagles are an incredibly lame bunch of criminals. [Philadelphia Will Do]
• What does Jimmy Rollins' hit streak really mean? [Sportszilla]
• Hey, the WNBA Draft was today! [ESPN]


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