Sports News Without Access, Favor, Or Discretion

• It is apparently legal to bribe referees in Nigeria. Don't even pretend you're surprised. [ESPN]
• Bring us the head of John Wooden! Seriously ... somebody bring it. [Yahoo Sports]
• Scranton's sports columnist might very well be a pedophile. Seriously. [Delco Times]
• We live in a great world when Joey Harrington is haggling with teams about money. [Kansas City Star]
• Wait ... how did Mike Holmgren not get fined for his Super Bowl officiating comments again? [Seattle Times]
• If we were able to actually stomach a Phil Mushnick column anymore, we might have taken something from this. But we can't, so we couldn't. [NY Post]
• The NHL's new autism awareness campaign kicks off. []
• Some new developments in the Duke lacrosse case are shedding all kinds of different lights, from every direction. We'll have more on this next week. [The Herald Sun]


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