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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Len Pasquarelli Has Had Enough Of Your Silliness

Illustration for article titled Len Pasquarelli Has Had Enough Of Your Silliness

We'd like to thank the folks at Pro Football Talk for finding this clip of's Len Pasquarelli appearing on Charlotte sports talk radio, on something called the "Penner and Mac Show." (Honestly, nobody in sports radio has ever been called by their full name; we're still waiting for "The Humberto Frankelstein Hour.")


Anyway, somebody, Penner or Mac, introduces Pasquarelli and mentions, in true hysterical sports talk radio fashion, that they'll talk about wide receiver Todd "Stinkston." You see, it's like Todd Pinkston, but because he is perceived as below-average football player, it's "Stinkston." (This is why we'd never want to be an athlete with the last name "Rickchucker." Would open us up for all kinds of problems.) It's very clever. You know, like a pun.

For whatever reason, the singling out of "Stinkston" just sets Pasquarelli off, though; clearly, he had never heard a sports talk radio program before. His anger is as amusing as it is inexplicable. We're not sure if Todd Pinkston — who, by the way, sucks — has ever had as vigorous a defender as Pasquarelli in this clip, though we can't for the likes of us imagine why. But hey: If you've never run a cross route down the middle of the field ...


Len Pasquarelli Flips Out (via Pro Football Talk)

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