I'm a Titans fan so I was willing to overlook the man boobs, the Hershey's Kisses on the sideline, and even the plodding 3.467 yards per carry. But then, LenDale had to go and insult Tecmo Bowl.

I didn't play in the '50s, the Tecmo Bowl days,'' White said with a smile.

A blight unto his house.

Seriously, Tecmo Bowl is being equated with the 1950's? I feel like I felt the first time a Playboy Centerfold was younger than me. Like the world I've known for so long is suddenly a very strange and sad place.

And that's not just because Tecmo Super Bowl taught me everything I need to know in life. Or at least 46 life lessons. Well, partly it is, but...still, I'm going to be mature about this. I hope LenDale White gets paper cuts for the next three years when he unwraps his Nestle Crunches. That or herpes.

Byner making a difference with Titans [Nashville Tennessean]