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Lenny Dykstra Doesn’t Dispute Sexual Harassment Claim, Admits Politics Make Him Horny

Photo: Rick Stewart/Getty Images
Photo: Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Caroline Heldman is associate professor of politics at Occidental College. In a Facebook post, she says Fox News host Eric Bolling sexually harassed her when she was a guest on the channel. She also says he referred to her as “Dr. McHottie” on air several times. (Bolling is currently suspended from Fox News; he’s also suing the Huffington Post freelancer who reported he sent a dick pic to multiple women.)


It was just a matter of time before a member of the ’93 Phillies got involved. Heldman says Lenny Dykstra hit on her while she was in the makeup chair:

On March 20, 2011, Lenny Dykstra persistently asked me to a party and told me that he gets “sexually aroused when I talk politics.” He also harassed the make-up artist who was curling my hair at the time.

Advertisement caught up with Dykstra to ask him about the allegations:

The 54-year-old Dykstra, who used to appear on Fox News and Fox Business often to promote his investment company, Nails Investments, said he doesn’t remember Heldman off the top of his head, but doesn’t doubt her claims.

“She’s just one of many, dude. She got to get on the space shuttle,” Dykstra said. He contended that the professor was trying to get publicity off him, but admitted that he found politics talk from an attractive woman “sexually arousing.”

Straight talk from Lenny Dykstra, who at least is warning people that he will slobber over any woman who crosses his path. And if you’re interested in politics, whew! Be sure to stay away.


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