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After a year's worth of positive Lenny Dykstra news glorifying his inexplicable financial genius, the unsurprising truth about The Dude is revealed. Shocker: Lenny is an asshole and completely full of shit.


Well, he's definitely full of shit about one thing — his Players Club magazine. You remember that, right? The glossy mag he bankrolls that features content geared toward helping millionaire athletes live a prosperous life the right way. GQ ran a story in its April issue written by former Players Club editor Kevin Coughlin, who wrote thousands of unkind words about his ex-boss. Some of it's old news: the paychecks were inconsistent, the working environment was less than professional, and Lenny was a self-promoting retard. Then Coughlin gives us a glimpse about what it's like to spitball editorial ideas with Dykstra. It ain't pretty:

Lenny's all-time favorite workplace prank is saying something outrageous just to see how those around him react. Sometimes the jokes are on himself. During one of my first visits to the office, Lenny-a known steroids user, according to the Mitchell Report, though he's repeatedly denied it-blurts out to me and two other employees that "back in the old days, we'd rub some HGH [human growth hormone] on our elbows and knees." No one knows whether he's joking or not. Other times, Lenny's attempts at humor can be downright offensive. At one meeting, Lenny goes off on how a particular layout looks "faggy"-despite the presence of a gay page designer in the room. (Later, Lenny says to me: "Did you see the look on that fag's face?") On another occasion, I field a call from Lenny about potential cover subjects while I'm at home; Lenny's on speaker when he proudly states, for both my wife and me, that "nobody can call me a racist-I put three darkies and a bitch on my first four covers."

The first four Players Club covers featured Derek Jeter, Chris Paul, Tiger Woods, and Danica Patrick.

"What was that, Lenny?" I ask.

"I said I put three spearchuckers on the cover!" he replies.

Oof. Of course Dykstra told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Coughlin is lying and only wrote the story because he was fired. Oh, and those racist terms? Complete nonsense, Dykstra says.

"I lived with Strawberry and Gooden."

And he never called them spearchuckers. Hopefully, this story finally gets people to understand that Lenny Dykstra is not the mumbling financial wizard he presented himself to be. In fact, it's probably very telling that Jim Cramer vouched for Dykstra's business expertise very early on. Can we blame him for this too ?


Think Your Job Sucks? Try Working For Lenny Dykstra [GQ]

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