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Leonard Fournette: I Didn't Get Fat, That Was Just Water Weight

Photo credit: Butch Dill/AP

Former LSU running back Leonard Fournette weighed in at 240 pounds at this year’s NFL combine, making him the heaviest running back in the draft class. Evaluators were apparently expecting Fournette to weigh a little less, but he eased their minds at a post-weigh-in press conference.

Fournette told reporters that he had expected to weigh 235 pounds, and that the extra five pounds was owed to drinking too much water. “I drank a lot of water before I weighed in,” said Fournette. “So it was water weight. It went away completely.”


Fournette is one of the best players in the draft and is projected to go somewhere in the top five. We look forward to seeing him in training camp, at which point he can join the long NFL tradition of having unflattering photos lead to speculation about whether or not he is indeed fat.

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