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Indians outfielder Leonys Martín will be sent home Sunday, after spending more than a week in the Cleveland Clinic battling a life-threatening bacterial infection that compromised the function of several internal organs.


While this is undoubtedly great news—Indians president Chris Antonetti described it as “nothing short of amazing”—it appears Martín could still be a long way off from a return to baseball:

Antonetti said Martin is eager to return to playing baseball, but there is no set plan in place. Martin will undergo a series of checkups with doctors this week to monitor his recovery process.

“It’s important to remember we don’t know,” Antonetti said. “We’re in uncharted waters. There’s no precedent you can look back to and say, ‘What does a return to activity look like?’ It’s very much going to continue to be day to day.”

Doctors at the clinic have reportedly not yet defined the specific bacteria that ravaged Martín’s system, but are apparently confident that the next stages of his recovery can be managed from home:

“If you didn’t know anything was wrong, other than the IV he had connected, you wouldn’t have known anything different,” Antonetti said. “He was able to walk up and down the hallway a little bit and every day he continues to get better. He still has progress he needs to make to get back to full health, but it’s been a really encouraging week.”

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