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If Andy Reid's out, he's taking as many players as he can with him. That's the only possible explanation for leaving his starters in until the very end of a blowout loss at Washington, a strategy that paid off with LeSean McCoy receiving a concussion at a time when he should have been on the bench, thinking about how awesome it's going to be to have a new coach next year.

All season long, the Eagles have been blasted for not giving McCoy enough carries. This is probably not what the critics meant. Down 25 late in the fourth, the Eagles inexplicably ran a normal drive. Rookie QB Nick Foles handed off to McCoy, who went left for seven yards and was crushed by safety Madieu Williams.


McCoy was later spotted in the locker room, "in a slow daze" as he was helped by a trainer. No timetable on his return is available.

Why, on God's kelly green Earth, was your star running back in there with 1:45 left in a four-score game?

"Because we're trying to catch up and win the game,'' Reid said.

OK, let's rephrase the question. If you're trying to catch up and win the game, why are you calling any running plays? That question will have to remain rhetorical, since Reid's never been particularly accountable to the media for his frequent mind-numbingly horrible decisions. This looks like the year he's finally going to be accountable to his boss, though. The "Fire Andy Reid" movement has all but declared victory, with the only question being "When?" If you assume he's earned the right to finish out the season, you probably weren't assuming so many embarrassing losses like these. But a blowout to a division rival, sole possession of last place in a mediocre NFC East, and Reid's continued employment becomes a week-to-week matter.

Reid will reportedly survive the week, perhaps only so Philadelphia can enjoy the catharsis of public humiliation. The Eagles have the Monday Night game next week, at home against the Panthers. Perhaps a home loss to a 2-8 team, with three nationally televised hours of an angry crowd's verbal abuse, would be enough. Or perhaps it'll earn Reid a contract extension. We've stopped expecting logic with him.

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