The Saga of LeSean McCoy's 20-Cent Tip continues to be a thing, and now McCoy has finally spoken on the issue. McCoy says that he's not the dick in this story, and that the people who work at the restaurant are the dicks. Everyone is accusing everyone else of being a dick!

While speaking to reporters today, McCoy said that he left the paltry tip because the service he received was shitty. From ABC 6:

"In any restaurant I go around in Philadelphia, I tip very well. I'm very respectful," McCoy said. "You can't be disrespectful and just expect somebody to tip you. I don't' care who the person is. That's why I left my card, so they could see my name. Simple as that."

This runs counter to restaurant manager's story, who wrote in a Facebook post that McCoy was rude and disrespectful to the waitstaff throughout his meal.


Somebody in this situation is an asshole, but we'll probably never know for sure exactly who the asshole is. What we do know for sure, however, is that PYT will always be the home of America's craaaaziest burgers.

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