LeSean McCoy Spoiled Avengers: Endgame For A Lot Of People

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I, however, will not. This blog is safe.

Avengers: Endgame, a film which ties up plot points dating back to films that came out in 2008, released today. Based on traffic numbers on G/O Media blogs today, people are pretty into it! But, much like a comic book, peril abounds. People, either intentionally or unintentionally, could spoil the film. Yes, the movie ends with the superheroes vanquishing evil. But it’s about the journey, man. (I guess? I dunno. I’m more of a DC guy.)

Not every Marvel superfan could see the movie last night. People have been treading lightly on social media today, worried of trolls and others with loose lips. But most people have seemingly been pretty good about it, couching their spoilers with massive warnings. Fans could tweet all day and not worry about learning that Snape kills Dumbledore.

Then this afternoon LeSean McCoy tweeted out a massive spoiler for the film. Oh snap!


McCoy has been accused of many terrible things during his NFL career, including domestic violence (he denied it and was not charged), brawling with off-duty cops at a nightclub in a Philadelphia parking garage (he was not charged), and leaving a 20-cent tip for a waiter. The vitriol shown toward him on Twitter today likely surpasses anything in the past.


And so on. Drew Madsen brings up a good point: McCoy, in revealing the thing he revealed about the film, spelled a character’s name incorrectly, which would get around any muted words people set for themselves because they didn’t want the movie based on a 1992 comic book spoiled.

McCoy didn’t actually seem to be trying to spoil it for anyone, he and his son were genuinely emotionally affected by the film. Aww! Finally, he is accused of something that’s kind of cute.