Ironically, the NCAA’s hypocrisy was put on full display as their ruling came just days after Gonzaga coach Mark Few pled guilty to his DUI charge and paid a $1,000 fine to stay out of jail.

Guess how many games the school suspended Few for?

Three — the team’s “Midnight Madness” event, two exhibition games, and their season opener. While Few’s suspension came from the school, not the NCAA, in what world does it make sense that a DUI from a coach that’s leading the No. 1 ranked team in the country carries the same punishment as a player selling some clothes within the same sport?


And to make things worse, Few’s suspension was a joke and should have been longer after TMZ released the footage of his arrest where he’s refusing to do field sobriety tests and grabs at his phone multiple times although officers told him to put it away.

But, this is college sports where players are always held to a higher standard than the coaches. So, the next time your favorite school is recruiting a top player and they wind up choosing a different option besides playing college basketball — despite the new NIL rules — remember how the NCAA did Kofi Cockburn, and you’ll have your answer.