Black Friday will be upon us soon and before you know it you will be huddled under blankets outside a Wal-Mart at four in the morning, begging the retailer to give you the honor being kicked in the head for a $10 DVD player. (Excuse me: "home entertainment system.") But why not avoid the muss and fuss of panic stricken holiday shopping and get your presents early and online? For example, this stuffed wildcat diorama would be the perfect gift for the Kentucky Wildcat fan in your life. Yes, that's an actual dead wildcat.I'm going to say "lynx", but who the hell really knows? What matters is that it has its tags and is currently on sale for the discount price of $1,000. And I'm sure with just a quick jersey change it could easily be re-purposed for fans of Arizona, Villanova, New Hampshire, Davidson, Kansas State or Goldie Hawn. Send it in, Mr. Whiskers! Original ad preserved below for posterity and future court proceedings.

University of Kentucky Slam Dunkin Wildcat - $1000 (Hurley, VA) [Craigslist]