Farts are funny, which is why there have been two stories sent to my inbox in the last 24 hours, both of which didn't have to do a very thorough job of explaining what they were about.

Our first foray into the world of enterprising gas-themed journalism comes courtesy of WaPo's "Nationals Journal" feature, which gleaned this little butt nugget from Nats' GM Jim Bowden's afternoon tea chat.

Mike Rizzo and Dana Brown, I've said it before, are the two best scouting directors in the game....I went with them for two weeks, Mike Rizzo and I, and you're up on an airplane to Nashville, Tenn., and all of a sudden you're in Ontario, you're in Texas, you're in SC, then you're in Florida, and that's all you do every day. And people fart on the airplane and it's horrible, and I had to call time-out on one because the stench was so bad that I just couldn't take it. The stewardess was spraying Lysol up and down and it was embarrassing. I said, look, go to the bathroom. There's no need for this! ... Have more respect for the person next to you! Stop farting!

"Stop farting!" might be the perfect new rallying cry for Manny Acta to adopt in an attempt to wake up the Nationals' dormant bats.

Second? Well, courtesy of Home Run Derby, we have Cleveland Indians pitcher, C.C. Sabathia, doing what only comes natural. You don't have to be Marlee Matlin to understand what he's saying.



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