Let Us Enjoy A Nightmarishly On-Brand Overtime Period Between The Lowly Suns And The Dreary Magic

The Suns and Magic played an overtime game Wednesday night. Of course you didn’t notice, because you—whoever you are, even if you are literally the head coach of one of these two teams—had something to do that was much better than watching two teams with a combined 22–44 record this season, and a whopping zero combined playoff berths in the last seven seasons, duking it out on the day after Christmas. What you missed was an overtime period where the Suns scored a measly four points on 2-of-10 shooting, and committed four turnovers, and won.


The performance itself was somehow even uglier than that grisly description suggests. Neither team scored a single point after the 3:15 mark of overtime; over that closing stretch the Suns and Magic combined to go 0-for-14 from the floor, with zero free throw attempts, in just a smorgasbord of airballs and ghastly bricks and unforced turnovers. Dan Feldman of NBC Sports did the good work of compiling the lowlights of that sequence into one highly entertaining supercut, and I predict you will derive sick, blackhearted pleasure from watching it:

After the game, Orlando’s Terrence Ross—whose key contribution to this shit-show was an open corner jumper that hit the side of the backboard, followed immediately by a reverse layup that dented the side of the rim—angrily chucked the game ball deep into the stands, in a moment of catharsis that cost him $25,000 in fines from the NBA. But I think we can all agree that that ball was extremely cursed, and belongs in hell, along with everyone associated with the two teams who used it.

Staff Writer, Deadspin