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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Let's All Watch A Bunch Of John Wall 360s

Now that the Wizards have righted the ship after a late-February skid, we can go back to marvelling at the ridiculous shit John Wall pulls off, like this 360 layup against a traffic cone named Matt Barnes last night:

Of course, this isn't the first time that John Wall has scored after an awesome 360. In fact, he does it often enough that it is his signature move. Sometimes he does it because hapless defenders—knowing they can't stick with his speed—plant themselves in the lane in the hopes of drawing a charge. Other times Wall barrels to the hoop and gets blocked off, so he just spins his body out of the way. And sometimes he just wants to show off. But 360s are awesome and nobody in the game does them better or with more frequency than John Wall, so let's all watch a bunch of them.


Two months ago against the Celtics:

And two days before that, on Christmas against the Knicks:

A year ago against the Lakers:

Two years ago against the Sixers:

In college against Tennessee:

Got a favorite that I missed? Drop it in the comments.

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