One of the best and most welcome developments of the 2016 baseball season is Barry Bonds returning to the major leagues as a hitting coach with the Miami Marlins. Whether or not he’ll actually be any good, who knows—it’s equally easy to imagine him opening the third eye of all his charges or just getting pissed off at them for not being able to read a pitch’s type, velocity, and location before it’s out of the pitcher’s hand—but his tenure will be interesting if nothing else, and for now it’s bringing us delightful photos of the greatest of all time enjoying the game he loves.

Just two friends talking baseball.
“I can hit better than all of you. Like, right now.”
“Don, I really respect what you were able to do in your career with such limited abilities.”
Bonds once told Peter Gammons that watching David Eckstein play baseball literally brought a tear to his eye, because he was so inspired by watching someone who had so little talent and yet wanted it so much.


He looks so happy! Good for him, and good for baseball.
He’s got a .250/.450/.550 line in him, and we all know it.

Top photo via AP; others via Getty