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"Let's Clean This Thing Up. Let's Not Hurt The Game": Red Auerbach's Anti-Flopping Video

It was the mid '70s, and Red Auerbach wanted to teach the basketball world to stop flopping. To get his message across, he called in a dream team of Elvin Hayes, Clem Haskins, Wes Unseld, Paul Silas, Mike Riordan, and referee Mendy Rudolph, who was named head of officials and inducted into the Hall of Fame despite his crippling gambling problem. (The NBA's always been hilarious.)


Flopping's not a new scourge, though with today's quality and frequency of instant replays (and, yes, maybe special treatment for star players) it may seem that way. Auerbach is incensed that "coaches today in high school, college and pro, are teaching the players how to fall!"

Auerbach's solution? Stop flopping, you jackasses. You're embarrassing yourself and the game. Refs should refuse to call the charge, and nip it in the bud early on: "Call a blocking foul on this man right here, and he'll stop falling on the floor picking up splinters on his backside." Oh, Red. You may be dead six years, but you've still got the best Eastern Conference Finals analysis we've heard.

Source: One of those YouTube videos that was uploaded years ago and occasionally gets passed around and was apparently featured here a couple of weeks back