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Let's Enjoy Some Quality LeBron Highlights

It can be easy to take LeBron James for granted, to feel like you know what you’re getting after a decade and a half of this particular brand of greatness and decide that you’d rather watch someone else on any given night. Fine. Fair enough. But—c’mon!—look at him, look at what he did tonight in a game so ordinary for him that it could almost be classified as mundane.

This? This shot is from freakin’ Jupiter.


This was scarcely a minute later:

And more! All of it!


All this was part of his sixteenth triple-double of the season: 40 points, 12 assists, 10 rebounds in tonight’s win over the Bucks. It’s his third triple-double in his last four games, and the fifth 40-point one of his career.

Maybe the seven pounds were real. Fuck.

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