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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Let’s Remember Some Guys is back, and today we’re opening up some 1988 Fleer cards. It’s an especially nice pack, too, because it includes the always-important day/night splits, which any scout will tell you is key to predicting future success. (As evidenced by former Brewer Steve Kiefer’s weak day-game batting average.)

A new challenge has been added to the remembering: If David Roth can’t remember a guy, he has to pop in a chunk of (quite large) bubble gum. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of payoff this week, because from Wally “World” Joyner to the exotic appeal of the old Blue Jays outfield, Roth knows almost all. The pack’s not entirely a wash, though—he at least adds another Mike Dunne card to his still-growing, soon-to-be-valuable collection.


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