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Let's Remember Some Guys: 1988 Fleer Guys

Let’s Remember Some Guys is back, and today we’re opening up some 1988 Fleer cards. It’s an especially nice pack, too, because it includes the always-important day/night splits, which any scout will tell you is key to predicting future success. (As evidenced by former Brewer Steve Kiefer’s weak day-game batting average.)

A new challenge has been added to the remembering: If David Roth can’t remember a guy, he has to pop in a chunk of (quite large) bubble gum. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of payoff this week, because from Wally “World” Joyner to the exotic appeal of the old Blue Jays outfield, Roth knows almost all. The pack’s not entirely a wash, though—he at least adds another Mike Dunne card to his still-growing, soon-to-be-valuable collection.


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