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Let's Remember Some Guys: 1991 Baseball Guys

Welcome back to Let’s Remember Some Guys, a web video series in which I attempt to remember things about the various podgy stache randos and big-swinging galoots who filled out the baseball card sets of my youth. When last we did the Remembering thing, I was mostly defeated by the collection of mustachioed lotharios and windbreaker-clad middle relief dipshits that showed up in a pack of 1987 Topps cards. My dreams have been haunted, ever since, by the faintly aggrieved stare of Jackie Gutierrez—he’s real, it turns out—and the sound of Lauren gleefully hooting “yaaaassss” as I was forced to pop another knob of Dubble Bubble into my mouth as penance for not Remembering a particular Guy.

At the risk of giving away too much, though, this installment features much less forced gum-chewing. The set we’re remembering this week is 1991 Topps, and the pack is a collection of old friends and slightly more recognizable situational reliever doofs. The gum chewing is entirely voluntary. Our important work—of remembering, or trying to remember, or anyway trying to find something to say about Barry Fucking Jones—goes on.


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