Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

If your hair does not touch your shoulders or your hair falls into your eyes, sorry, but you will not be featured on today’s episode of Let’s Remember Some Guys.


In this installment of the show where a plaid man teaches me about the 1980s through the excavation of an old box filled with loose trading cards, we focus on a rightfully forgotten hairstyle, the mullet, and its place in baseball during the misguided fashion years of the Reagan era. Mullets—and the classy mustaches that often got thrown in as a side deal—enjoyed short-lived but still noteworthy homes on the heads of legendary ballplayers like Danny Jackson and Steve Searcy, and as such, they deserve at least five solid minutes of Roth and me laughing at them.

So let’s remember “Señor Smoke,” “Permy Charles,” and hear a heartwarming story about Don Carman, who belatedly answers fan mail and also sketches as a hobby. Next time, we may tackle bowl cuts.

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