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Let's Remember Some March Madness Guys

When you remember Kevin Pittsnogle.
When you remember Kevin Pittsnogle.
Photo: Jim McIsaac (Getty)

It’s just simple arithmetic: There are going to be more Guys than there are actual Dudes in the NCAA Tournament. The Dudes will go on to make some money playing basketball, in the NBA or in Europe or in Asia or possibly in picaresque White Men Can’t Jump hoops-hustler scenarios. The Guys, who are good enough to remember but maybe not quite good enough to make their livings in the game, will go on to become Guys. Most everyone you are watching in this tournament is a Guy. Maybe you will remember them some March in the future and spend a moment in pleasant reverie. “Ah yes,” you’ll think, “I remember that guy.”

Here are some guys that the Deadspin staff remembered:

Tyus Edney

Kevin Pittsnogle

Tate George

Dametri Hill

Lawrence Moten

Scotty Thurman

Dee Brown

Fennis Dembo

Joey Dorsey

Hakim Warrick

Jim McCoy

Drew Neitzel

Harold Miner

Mouse McFadden

Harold “The Show” Arceneaux

Corey Violette

Rashad Anderson

Ali Farokhmanesh

Andrew Gaze

Lonny Baxter

Serge Zwikker

Alaa Abdelnaby

George Ackles

Khalid El-Amin

Toby Bailey

Damon Bailey

Thurl Bailey

Byron Mouton

Carmelo Travieso

Tyrone Garland

Dionte Christmas

Boubacar Aw

Matt Freije

Those guys right there were some true March Madness Guys.

Who are some March Madness Guys that you remember?

David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.

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