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Let's Remember Some Winter Olympians

Amy Sancetta/AP Photo
Amy Sancetta/AP Photo

The opening ceremony isn’t until Friday, but actual Olympic sports kick off tonight. With curling. Mixed doubles, the U.S. vs. Russia. Remember John Shuster? Now you remember John Shuster. Let’s remember some other Winter Olympians:

Apolo Anton Ohno
Bonnie Blair
Alberto Tomba
Surya Bonaly
Viktor Petrenko
Pirmin Zurbriggen
Jean-Claude Killy
Midori Ito
Shani Davis
Ross Rebagliati
Jim Shea
Jonny Moseley
Picabo Street
Johann Olav Koss
Katarina Witt
Torvill and Dean
Pirmin Zurbriggen
Hermann Maier
Jeremy Bloom
Jim Craig
Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner
Dan Jansen
Spider Sabich
Elvis Stojko

Who are some Winter Olympians that you remember?

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