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Let's Revisit That Rose Bowl, USC

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Yahoo! Sports, seemingly dedicated to the sole pursuit of torturing the University of Southern California, has done some digging about the instant replay booth in last year's national championship game. They've discovered that it was an incorrectly hooked-up replay monitor that prevented the proper call from being made on a Vince Young touchdown that should've been overturned.

I'm sure that USC fans find that not only comforting, but timely and helpful, as well. The replay officials at the time told the world that there was an equipment malfunction, but that wasn't the case. Someone just hooked up a monitor incorrectly.


And not only that, you want to know what kind of a high-tech system they were using? Two televisions displaying ABC's broadcast feed and a TiVo. The NFL uses a $125,000 system called "DVSport," while for the NCAA national championship game, they use something you can pick up at any Wal-Mart for a few hundred bucks. In fact, I suspect that many of you are using that very same high-tech Rose Bowl replay system right now. What did they have at the Independence Bowl, a courtroom sketch artist, and a Polaroid camera?

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