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Do you realize that tonight on ABC, you'll either be getting a game that features Wake Forest, or a game that features Kansas State? That's indicative of the crazy kind of college football season we've had, and also that someone at ABC, somewhere along the way, made a pretty poor decision. I'm not saying that these can't be quality broadcasts—I'm sure ABC will find a way to spruce them up with some sweet "Dancing With the Stars" tie-ins.

But these evening follow-along posts seem to have become pretty popular (less so on the weekends, I'm sure), so I thought maybe we should have one for the evening's college football festivities. ABC has the afore-mentioned chances to see teams you might not get to see very often, ESPN and ESPN2 have an SEC orgy, and the most promising game of the evening is Oregon vs. USC, later on the lonely little Fox Sports Network.


Oh, and don't forget: Duke is on ESPNU.

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