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Let's See Just How Cheap Larry Bird Is (MORE UPDATES)

Dear Mr. Bird: Industry has fled. Our budget deficit is more than $1 billion. You are very rich. Do you really need to collect this 80 bucks we owe you? Sincerely, Indiana.

Among the $385 million dollars in Indiana's unclaimed property fund is a benefits payment for Bird, totaling all of $80. But he's not the only sports figure.


Reggie Miller has $1,073 waiting for him. Dwight Freeney has $526 with his name on it. The municipal corporation that runs Indianapolis's stadiums is owed $1,374, which I'm sure will make up for the $20 million annual hit it takes on Lucas Oil Stadium, thanks to the sweetheart deal they gave the Colts.

Update: Reader Christopher, a long-lost Hardy Boy, finds that Charlie Weis is owed a cool 40 bucks by Terminex. Still got those termites, eh Charlie?

Update No. 2: Urban Meyer, for some reason, is owed $60 by General Electric. And Lou Holtz is owed nearly $30,000, including unclaimed wages from Universal Studios.

Bird, Mellencamp Among Well-Known Hoosiers With Unclaimed Cash [AP]


And that's all 'til tomorrow. I know it's tough having two weekend daddies, but you have to be tolerant of alternative lifestyles.

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