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As you may have seen on Gawker yesterday, MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge host TJ Lavin took a terrible spill at a BMX event in Vegas on Thursday and is now in a medically induced coma.


In the latest update, Lavin remains in critical condition.

Lavin was attempting a nac nac combination over the second set of the dirt course and failed to get his feet back on the pedals upon landing. He was thrown from the bike and knocked unconscious. Lavin suffered a shattered right wrist and broken ribs. [ESPN]

Listen, I don't know whether everybody's medically induced coma is the same, but I'm more than happy to share info/field questions about the one I spent a 2008 week-and-a-half in.

• Don't remember any specific things people were saying to me.

• Didn't see any bright lights or spirits summoning me to heaven or hell.

• Did have many a trippy dream that I remember vividly. They include traveling from Alaska to Seattle to Texas to Chicago to Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. Even though I was in a bed in Camden, NJ the whole time.


• In "Texas," I spent Thanksgiving waiting in a deli for a turkey sandwich, in a dusty old bar having beers with the cast of Friday Night Lights (including Minka) and in a hospital waiting area watching an able-bodied Jason Street installing artwork reminiscent of what Lecter did to Sgt. Pembry's partner.

• In Chicago, I was waiting to go in for a root canal. My dad and wife were there.


• In Philadelphia, doctors and nurses took an underground tunnel to a Phillies World Series game in Tampa Bay. During a hurricane. The tunnel was like one of those moving walkways in an airport. The police showed up while they were at the game to bust a party.

• Unbeknownst to me, Plaxico Burress had shot himself right around the same time my nap started. In Real World Camden, my college friends proceeded to tell sleepy me that a Giants fan friend said I was "weak" because I didn't call to shit talk him about it. My top blood-pressure number spiked to about 250. They left before they were asked to leave. Some friends.


• The hospital's pharmacist — a high-school soccer teammate — said I shouldn't have remembered a damn thing considering the drugs being pumped into me.

• I didn't realize I was awake for two weeks or so after being medically declared out-of-coma.


Questions? Fire away.

And, let's all send good wishes to T.J. so he's able to answer questions about his some day soon.

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