Let's Watch Prince's Super Bowl Halftime Show, The Best We've Ever Seen

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Super Bowl halftime shows are almost always worthless. A few pop stars who capture the current pop-music mood lip sync their hits, and two days later we barely remember the game, let alone the uninspired halftime show.

But not the Super Bowl XLI halftime show, in 2007. That was the game where the Colts pounded the Bears. Even more memorable than Devin Hester’s opening kickoff return for a touchdown, was Prince’s halftime show. For 12 minutes, Prince rocked our shit, performing both original songs and covers. He even made the Foo Fighters’s Best Of You sound amazing.

Prince died Thursday, at the age of 57, at his Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota.


It was raining for most of the game, and halftime was no different, with Prince and his dancers and guitars and the crowd noticeably soaked. Prince knew exactly what to do, of course, and closed his performance by booming Purple Rain into the wet Miami night.