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If you can find time today, send some positive thoughts out to Pitt Panthers kicker David Abdul. He's currently undergoing tests to see if he has a genetic heart condition like the one that required his brother to undergo surgery. But that's just the most recent thing he's been through. Observe...

• In 2003, his girlfriend gave birth to his son, and then promptly left him. He rarely sees the child now, and is paying child support.
• A month later, his apartment caught fire and all of his things were destroyed.
• A month after that, his best friend, Pitt WR Billy Gaines did in his arms after falling from the rafters of a church. A pastor had been serving them wine. They were both underage.
• He, quite understandably, missed the first four kicks of the year, and thus, his starting job.
• In 2004, he was in a car accident that broke his kicking leg in three places.
• And now, the heart thing.

Ouch. Life may owe this guy a few things. If there's any justice in the world, he'll win the starting job at Pitt this year and go on to have an NFL career that makes Adam Vinatieri look like Bill Gramatica.

Abdul's life falls into disarray []