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High School Football Players Accused Of Groping Girls At Pep Rally

Ridge Point High in Texas recently held a homecoming pep rally that featured a seven minute fireworks display. While the lights were off, several football players allegedly started groping girls in the crowd and later bragged about it on Twitter. "The number of booty that was grabbed was unreal," one tweeted. "Booty for centuries," added another. Booty Grabber No. 1 even told us how many girls' asses he groped ("a total of 7").

The girls, obviously, were appalled and did not enjoy having their booties grabbed and also tweeted about the ordeal. One said she thought her world was going to end. Another said she felt violated and yet another said "uhm rape. That's what just happened."

Guys, you're young so maybe no one's explained it to you: you gotta ask before you can just start grabbing girls' asses. If they say no, you can't grab their asses. If they say stop, you gotta stop grabbing their asses. It's like a conversation; pay attention. Otherwise, you're just a creep.


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