Like Mark Cuban Didn't Have Enough Problems

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Donald Trump, in his quest to antagonize every celebrity on the planet, has chosen Mark Cuban as his next target. It is ON:

"Mark Cuban is a guy who . . . puts so much pressure on the players. He wants to win so much, ya know, he wants to put himself in the position of the players. He wants to be a player, I guess. And he's not a player . . . [Cuban] probably always wanted to be a winner all his life, and if ya look like him, you can't be a winner. So he wants to put himself in the place of the players, so what happens is, the team choked."

Fantastic analysis. In fact, I think Hubie Brown said the same thing. Cuban responded in today's New York Post.

"I guess Donald is still upset that he can't afford to buy an NBA team. No doubt the cash requirements of more than $10,000 created a problem for him. Hopefully he will sell enough Trump Steaks, Trump Perfume and Trump Dolls to save some money and buy a team. Then we can see how he does. Until then he is a wannabe that needs to get a new spiel."


That's great, guys. Really, just fascinating stuff. It's got all the intrigue and excitement of Brian Scalabrine arguing with Mark Madsen about who has the best sitting posture.

I wish Trump would keep his beefs outside of the sports world. I know that it's fun to get attention on television, and I know that you can get it easily by saying mean things about other celebrities ... but really, we have no shortage of people willing to call the Mavericks losers right now. Please find another talk show host to pick on.


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