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Like The Real Thing, Fake Brett Favre Just Won't Go Away

First, he showed up at a Packers practice dressed in a Favre jersey and apparently signed a few autographs, which, for a day or two, made for a rather amusing story. Then, somebody interviewed him, and he was just so surprised at all the attention he received for showing up at a Packers practice dressed in a Favre jersey and apparently signing autographs—because, you know, how could the Internet be stupid enough to actually make a thing of it all? All well and good. And that, really, should have been the end of Kirk Ermatinger's public life as the dongslinger's doppelgänger.


Alas, no. The day after that latter item had been posted on Deadspin, a producer for the NBC affiliate in Green Bay emailed to tell us the station would soon be running a follow-up story later that evening. About what—Fake Favre's dinner plans? His trip to the post office?—we never bothered to find out. And now, The Today Show invited Ermatinger to this morning's broadcast from Lambeau, where a reporter for the Green Bay Press-Gazette snapped a photo of Fake Favre meeting Tony Dungy.

What's left? Reporters positioning themselves outside Fake Favre's home to find out whether he'll ever return to Packers practice? Speculation that he'll someday become a Jets or a Vikings fan? Fake Favre taking cell phone photos of his dick? Fake Deadspin buying them for fake money? A fake NFL investigation? Oh, wait. That already happened.

[via Busted Coverage]

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