Maybe Lil Wayne should just stop going to live sporting events. First, there was that whole kerfuffle about him not being able to attend a Thunder game, which brought accusations of racism. Then he had a strange meltdown at the DirectTV Celebrity Beach Bowl, and now it appears that he was kicked out of yesterday's Lakers-Heat game.


Weezy can certainly be obnoxious, but it's hard to believe that the staff at the arena would have made him leave just because he was rooting for the visiting Lakers. As USA Today points out, one fan who claims to have been sitting near Lil Wayne says that there is more to the story:

The plot thickens! But what say you, Miami Heat spokeswoman?

Heat spokeswoman Lorrie-Ann Diaz told USA TODAY Sports in an e-mail that Lil Wayne was not kicked out but instead chose to leave.


Notice how that's not exactly a denial that an incident took place. "Instead chose to leave" is just double speak for, "We sent some security guards to tell Lil Wayne to get a grip and he got angry and stormed out of the arena." Regardless of what happened, our advice to Lil Wayne is simply this: just chill out, man.

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