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Lily Foles Shows What True Poise Looks Like In The National Football League

Photo Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty

Let’s talk about what’s needed to be a truly outstanding representative of the National Football League on the big stage. Let’s talk about poise. Let’s talk about composure. Let’s talk about grace under pressure. Grit! Balance! A cool head! You know who embodied all of that last night? More than anyone? Of course you do. It was Lily Foles.

The 7-month-old daughter of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was remarkably unbothered during her time under the bright lights, screaming fans and blaring music and falling confetti be damned. (To be fair, a set of giant hearing-protection earmuffs probably helped with that. But that just helps prove her status as a true champion, who should always come prepared.) 

Photo Credit: Rob Carr/Getty

Look at that display of true class. No tears, no unnecessary squirming, no emotion at all. Incredible. The kid’s a natural, folks.

Photo Credit: Frank Franklin II/AP

Even managed to keep her cool during the handoff. Amazing.

Photo Credit: Mark Humphrey/AP

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