Linval Joseph Scores Ultimate Fat Man Touchdown

When I’m in between plates at the buffet.
When I’m in between plates at the buffet.

Fat man touchdowns are one of the few remaining things about football that can bring me pure, unadulterated joy in a moment’s notice. Vikings defensive tackle Linval Joseph is the latest large lad to bring me such happiness. On a 1st-and-10 passing play, Stephen Weatherly was able to strip-sack Carson Wentz, knocking the ball in the air. The ball landed neatly in the hands of Joseph and he huffed and puffed his way to a 64-yard score through the open field ahead of him.

As with any long fat-man touchdowns, the best part isn’t the score, it’s the scene shortly after the player finishes the longest wind sprint they’ve run in years. To his credit, Joseph might have become the first player in NFL history to make the sideline oxygen tank look cool.


But eventually the coolness factor wore off and his true big man colors shined through. Nevertheless, this is a huge win for large men everywhere.