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Lionel Messi Sees Connor McDavid's Ridiculous Goal And Raises ... As He Falls (SEE IT!)

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The greatest players in their sport doing things no one else can do is … getting really old.


Kidding! Sports are great. See below.

FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi clearly watched Connor McDavid break hockey this week and decided he would become a one-man, invincible-mode, goal-scoring wrecking crew unleashed on the poor Napoli side in Champions League action Saturday.


Just … wutisthis?

Stop that. No. That’s not … that’s just silly.

Can we watch that back again?

Here’s another angle:


Ahem … lemme dust off my college radio (88.1FM/WCWP — Go Pioneers!) play-by-play skills for ya a minute ... Messi receives the floating cross, dribbles up to two defenders and then kinda past them, but instead of blowing by them, darts between them, gets tripped, falls down, keeps control of the ball, gets up, sneaks around one of previous said defenders and runs smack-dab into another but just ... calmly goes wide around him with the shot AS HE’S FALLING DOWN to land a strike just inside the far post past a diving David Ospina in net.

Fan reaction was not mixed:


Messi’s team, which is kinda used to this behavior from him, also seemed impressed:


Best of luck in the second half, Napoli.

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