Following the lead of just about every other team, Detroit has finally brought in some spirit. A few caveats: they're not allowed to cheer, and they're not allowed to be affiliated with the Detroit Lions. You're doing it wrong.

Introducing the Detroit Pride, which is definitely a reference to the actual animals, because the team doesn't seem proud of them. They can wear blue, but it must be a different shade than the team's uniforms. They definitely can't use any Lions logos.

They won't be allowed on the field, and must do all their cheering from their seats. They can't lead organized cheers, and can't even take photos as a group — no more than two at a time can pose with fans.

Basically, the team doesn't want cheerleaders, but they can't not let these people into a game if they pay for their tickets. That's kind of how Curtis Painter has a job.


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